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Sanrio 50th Anniversary

In 2010, Sanrio (the company that owns Hello Kitty) was celebrating their 50th anniversary, and again a big event and art show was planned. For this show, “Small Gift,” I was given a stand-alone booth to create my own mini-show within. Sanrio owns over 200 characters but wanted to focus on about 50 of those so it was an opportunity to explore some of their other beloved characters. The centerpiece of the booth was a very detailed painting featuring about 35 characters called “All My Favorite Flavors.” We also made prints of that piece. Just like the small wood panels I had done with Hello Kitty, I created some with the lovable My Melody and Batz Maru. Shortly after this show, there was another book published about Hello Kitty art, and I’m included in that one as well.

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