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Tiger Beer's Air Ink

In early 2017, Tiger Beer released Air-Ink, ink made from pollution. A scientist had developed a system where devises had been installed on car and bus exhaust pipes to capture the pollution particles. That material was then distilled and mixed with a binder and Air-Ink was born. On a very cold day, I painted a billboard on 7th Ave and 28th Street in NYC. Then I created a series of five small canvases and one large canvas (finished live at the NYC launch event). All the work is black and white (with the Air-Ink) and explores the idea of transformation in NYC. Later, on Earth Day, a small gallery in SOHO showed the canvases. The exhibition explained the concept behind the project. I love working on black and white artwork, and rarely do I get a chance to work with new technology in my materials, so it was a great project to be involved in. It was such a unique way to turn a negative (pollution) into a positive (artwork).

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