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"Spaced Out" Exhibition at GR Gallery

Last week was the opening of my duo exhibition with Dalek (James Marshall) entitled Spaced Out at GR Gallery. I’ve been a fan (collector) of Dalek’s work since probably high school, so thanks to GR Gallery, I had a chance to work with him after all these year.

Even before we confirmed the show, I was already planning on spending a bunch of time in the studio working on some new experimental paintings. Over the years, I’ve made new paintings that I’d call failed experiments. Most of those, no one has seen. But after some more time, and some more research, I was keen to figure this out. Even as I worked on some of these new pieces, they didn’t work and I painted over them right away. In this process I gave myself some specific limitations and allowed myself new freedoms; one such limitation was no black (or gray). I also finished these paintings with the flattest varnish I could find so that the pieces feel extra soft. The new pieces constitute about half the show, and some traditional pieces make up the rest of the show.

We spent a couple days together laying out all the paintings, and painting several walls in the gallery. In the end, it all came together quite nicely. Dalek and I are both known for our characters, but we’re both keen to explore non-character paintings (especially for me, in the new pieces). The geometric nature of most of his pieces alongside the organic nature of my pieces plays really well; our similar color palette ties it all together.

Even though it was a cold night in NYC, and all the art fairs were opening that night, we had a great turnout! Great to see so many friends! My folks and my brother came out too!

The show is up until April 28th so go check it out!

Email the gallery for a list of available pieces!


GR Gallery 255 Bowery New York, NY 10002 


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