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"Melt With Me" Exhibition in NYC

Last week I opened up my first big show since moving to New York almost 5 years ago. We set up the show in an event space at the corner of Bowery and Kenmare, just a block from my studio. Naturally, it was a busy couple days getting the walls painted, the die-cut wood pieces finished and everything hung, but the opening party was well worth it. So many awesome artists, friends and collectors were there. My good buddy Lord KIMCHI DJ’d, SOTO Sake and Old Blue Last provided the drinks for the evening, and Nom Wah Nolita provided the post-party eats.

We debuted the smaller concrete sculptures and they nearly all sold out that night. Great to see those distressed guys finding new homes. Of course, the star of the night was the new Mister Melty sculpture: 24 inches of smooth sexy resin and fiberglass. After over a year in the works, it was great to see him finally unveiled.

The show was planned to be open Friday and Saturday (February 17 and 18) but we extended it an extra day because we had such a good response. It was great seeing fans and curious passer-bys walk in with smiles on their faces. I really appreciate all the folks that came by. It was certainly bittersweet to have to take it all down and paint everything over to flat white.

Opening night photos by Driven By Boredom.


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