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Disney Animation

In 2014, Disney’s XD channel reached out a few artists to create short interstitial promo animations (“bumpers”). I have a great respect for Walt Disney having read two biographies on the man. The bumper had to be 15 seconds long and end on the Disney XD logo. I wanted to do something narrative, so I came up with a group of mountain characters hanging out. I pitched the idea to the team, and they liked it, so they told me which key frames they’d need. In the tradition of Walt, I sat down and painted the pieces by hand (which none of the other artists did). I mailed the paintings to Disney, they scanned them in, and then their animators made it all move properly. Meanwhile, I chose the music for the piece; something fast with a very good ending. This little animation was played a whole lot, around the world. I couldn’t have been happier working with the team there; they were dedicated to making this animation to be the best it could be.

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