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Disney Print

In 2016, I got a call from the team I had worked with in 2014 asking if would be interested in doing a poster for them. Disney XD had decided that Summer 2016 would be a “melty” summer and they knew just the right person to call. The XD channel has it’s own set of cartoons and I was told which characters they’d like to see included. I rarely draw type, but with the capital XD letters, it was just really natural to render them in great detail with the cartoon characters playing supporting roles. As usual, I drew the artwork by hand, and then colored it on the computer (using colors from the summer’s style guide). Remarkably, this is the first promotional poster like this to be silkscreened, and they chose a very well respected printer in Los Angeles. They printed them on nice rag paper, which deckled edges. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and honored to work with the Disney company again. The prints were never sold; half were given away at San Diego Comic Con, and half were given to friends and clients of XD.

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