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New Painted Prints!

It’s always fun to work on a new edition of these painted prints, this time featuring the original Mini Melty. I still love the generative animations we created a couple years ago; they’re so fun and optimistic and the animation further enhances those qualities. I have more plans for these little guys and this print is just the beginning.

Like the ones before, these are old sold out prints or test prints which have been cut down to 9 x 12” ( 22.9 x 30.5 cm) and then splattered with spray paint, and silkscreened by me in the studio. These ones have 4 silkscreened layers; more than ever before. There’s so much variety in the various pieces (and some actually don’t have the first fill layer, making them look ghosty!).

Check out the making-of video!

These are signed and dated on the back, and numbered in an edition of 70.
The print you receive will be random, but we’ll pack them in order. They have been arranged with various paint and print colors, so if you order multiple, you’ll get sequential numbers and the colors will vary.


Buff Monster is a New York City street artist who uses bright colors, bold lines and funny characters to make the world a better place.


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