Spray Can Print Edition!

I’m happy to announce a project that I’ve been working on for a while now: a painted and silkscreened spray can. Going back 20 years, I drew on flattened found spray cans and nailed them up around Los Angeles and San Francisco. Then I did that again in 2006. I’ve also made very detailed little paintings on found spray cans for around 20 years now. These days I’ve been using spray paint for murals and studio pieces more and more, but never have I made an edition of a spray can. And to be fair, I’ve never seen anyone else silkscreen on a spray can like this. So this is a unique item that ties together a whole bunch of my materials and processes; part artifact, part edition, all unique.

Each of these empty cans was used by me to paint a mural, or in the studio or both. Each were laboriously emptied, cleaned, primed and painted. Then delivered to a very technical and specialized silkscreen printer (also in NYC) to silkscreen the artwork. 

As usual, the backgrounds are painted in a whole variety of colors and the artwork is printed in three different color combinations; each is one-of-a-kind and will be shipped at random. They’re all signed and are packaged in a spray-painted cardboard box.

As usual, no refunds, exchanges or returns. Orders will ship next week.
If you order more than one, we’ll make sure you receive an assortment

of colors. 


Buff Monster is a New York City street artist who uses bright colors, bold lines and funny characters to make the world a better place.