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Smart Car Sculpture

In late 2013, Smart Car gathered four artists who work in different mediums for a Facebook contest. Smart Car is a collaboration between Mercedes Benz and Swatch, and they were promoting their new limited edition car with Bo Concept. So in the spirit of collaboration, Smart’s Facebook followers were asked to vote on which two artists they’d like to see collaborate. I was happy that Adam Wallacavage and I won; he’s been featured in Juxtapoz and we have a lot of friends in common. The client set up a workspace for us to use and we decided to create this crazy one-eyed octopus character. At 4 feet by 4 feet, it’s a sizable piece. I learned a lot about sculpting from Adam, so I really enjoyed it. After the project, everyone who voted for us received a free poster with the image of the final piece. The campaign was a great way to engage their fans and most of them received a sweet takeaway!

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