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Summer Recap

This summer has been intense. I’ve been working on a ton of awesome projects, not the least of which is The Melty Misfits Series 2 (work in progress shot above). As usual, working under a tight deadline, I painted 41 new little characters for the next series of cards. If you backed the project on Kickstarter, you know what’s going on. If you missed out on Kickstarter, I’ll tell you that the new cards are awesome and they’ll be out soon. We’re doing a release party at Grand Central Station on September 20th. Mark your calendar and follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more info!

For the 75th Anniversary of Batman, Vice and Warner Brothers asked me to paint a full size cape and cowl. They had a great display of 20 custom-painted capes and cowls at San Diego Comic Con. Vice also did a nice little video about me and my cape and cowl, which you can watch in the video section of this site.

A Mural I painted not too long ago in Little Italy was featured in The Wall Street Journal recently. The article came out as the mural organizers (The L.I.S.A. Project) got Shepard Fairey to do a mural across the street from my painting studio. Good times!

I just finished painting a wall for a new gym called Monster Cycle. The owners are big fans of mine (2 of the 3 owners have Buff Monster tattoos) and they’re opening up just a few blocks from my painting studio. It was a fun project, and the first time I’ve used spray paint in quite a while.

Yup, the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty is coming up! I did a bunch of cool stuff for the 35th anniversary, and then Sanrio’s 50th anniversary. Now this time around, I have more cool stuff planned. There is a big art show at the Japanese American National Museum in LA on Oct 10 and then Hello Kitty Con happens next door at MOCA on October 29th (I think). More info about all that good stuff soon!

Last week I hit 400K followers on Facebook. I think that’s pretty awesome, considering that about a year ago I had 14K followers.

There are lots of fun projects in the works, including new toys and shirts and prints, and I’ll keep you informed of all of it.



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