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It’s always nice to get invited back to Italy, and that’s what Diavu did recently. He originally brought me out to Rome several years ago, and this time it was mostly for a 40 documentary for Italian TV (Skye Arte). The episode will air in December. For the first part of the trip, we were in Rome. I painted a small wall in Quadraro for Diavu’s MURO project (Museum of Urban Art of Rome).

Then the work for the documentary began. I bought a whole bunch of spray paint and loaded up the production company’s van with all of our gear. It was a five-person film crew that accompanied us to the island of Sardinia. The ferry was actually a huge old cruise ship; it took 6 hours to get there. We drove off the ferry straight to the wall to see what I was working with. The next morning I came up with a design that was as ambitious as I could be with the available paint and the timeframe. That first painting day I got the sketch up and all the color filled in. Then the mayor of the town (Olbia) came by to get some pizza with me. The next day I got all the linework done. I was really happy to get such a large piece done all by myself in just two days! 

After we returned to Rome, we went to Florence for a night. Of course, the whole trip we ate amazing food and got to see an insane amount of ornate churches and Renaissance treasures. Good times!


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