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Mister Melty Candle Release

I recently released my new Mister Melty Candle at The Shop at The Standard hotel on the Highline. We filled The Shop with a variety of goodies and had an ice cream truck at the party. Thanks to everyone who came by! I painted the windows of the store so go check it out before it comes down!

Mister Melty is the iconic symbol and inhabitant of the Meltiverse. He stands tall, confident and optimistic; delightfully unconscious of his (and our) certain fate. I've made a variety of vinyl and resin toys of Mister Melty; this new larger edition has been over a year in the making. Firstly, he stands 5 inches tall (nearly twice the height of previous editions). Secondly, this is the first wax figure that I've done; finally Mister Melty now truly lives up to his name!

Each candle is hand-cast in the USA, comes in a custom wood box (also made in the USA) and is accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The candles are only an edition of 40, and are available exclusively at The Shop.


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