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"Something Melty This Way Comes" Exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery

For this show, I took over the front gallery space, turning it into a hybrid gallery show / pop-up shop. I’ve always liked making small-edition collectibles; to me it’s a very natural extension of the work that I make. So we had a whole bunch of the new Stay Melty goodies, as well as a new t-shirt made just for the show. I created 6 new painted flattened spray cans for the show. I’ve been making them since 2001, but I don’t make many of them, and these are the most colorful and refined that I’ve ever made. I’ve also created 7 paintings that show different parts of the “Something Melty This Way Comes” scene. This is a giant scene that I painted in Bristol the week before. Each painting in the show is executed completely differently. And naturally, the white Mister Melty sculpture stands tall and proud in the center of the room.

Thanks to everyone that came to the opening! It was packed!

Check it out until September 20th!

StolenSpace Gallery 17 Osborn Street, London UK E1 6TD


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