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Nike Milan

In 2016, Nike Italy asked me to help them again, this time with an established account of theirs called One Block Down. Like Holypop, One Block down is the premiere sneaker store in Milan (located just one block from the Duomo). Nike already had a display in the store for their new Presto shoes and I was asked to paint something special there. The creative for the Presto was a fluid mix of shapes and patterns and was a really great stepping off point for me. I painted two icons from the campaign with a mix of their designs and my oozy fluid graphics, and then added the campaign slogan in my signature round letters. After that, I painted a nice drippy pattern and an interpretation of the store’s logo for them to keep as a permanent addition to the store. Very few posters featuring the art was given to VIPs later. Again, it was really great to work with Nike Italy and a really nice sneaker retailer.

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