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Miller Lite Mural

In 2016, Miller Lite launched a marketing campaign called “Our Can, Your Canvas” which provided wall space for art. I was selected as the first artist for this campaign, and the location they chose was Williamsburg. The brief was very open: a black and white portrait of Brooklyn. Since I live in Brooklyn, and I love drawing black and white line work, this was a perfect fit. Brooklyn is the largest borough in NYC and incredibly diverse, so I chose to focus on the characters in Williamsburg that would likely encounter this mural. So here you’ll find 3 hip characters with iconic Brownstone buildings, construction cranes, pizza and the words “Stay True.” Like all projects I take on, I used ink with a brush and smooth paper to create the artwork and then finessed a few things on the computer. The agency provided two professional painters to execute the mural and I was on hand to oversee the process. For the short amount of time the mural was up, local bars received beer glasses, shirts and coasters to give away. This was a great project to work on and I’m happy to represent my neighborhood!

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