New York based artist Buff Monster has created a second series of his very popular trading cards/stickers called The Melty Misfits. It’s a series of ice cream characters in funny situations; an homage to Garbage Pail Kids cards from the 80’s. The cards are offset printed using custom-inks on custom-made sticker stock, kiss-cut and packaged in vintage-style wax wrappers. Series 2 features 41 new characters, all hand-painted using acrylic and airbrush on watercolor paper. Each pack of cards retails for $5 and could contain a golden ticket, original sketch cards, signed cards, foil cards, lenticulars, variants and errors.

Buff Monster will be signing the new cards, as well as a variety of items including toys, prints and uncut sheets of cards. The event takes place on Saturday, September 20th, 3-6pm at PIQ’s NYC store in Grand Central Terminal (Shuttle passage, 89 E. 42nd St., New York, NY 10017).